Your treatment

All my reflexology treatments take place in my calm and contemporary treatment room in Greenbank, Falmouth. This quiet location enables you to get away from the hustle and bustle of town, yet is just a five minute walk from the Old High Street. 

You should allow an extra 15 minutes for your first reflexology appointment which is longer than subsequent sessions which are an hour or 90 minutes in length. This allows extra time for a thorough consultation to find out what your objectives are, and to confidentially take some medical, lifestyle and health information before your treatment begins. 

During each treatment, once you have removed your shoes and socks and I've got you comfortable on the reflexology couch, I put on some gentle music, snuggle you up with a blanket, and you can completely relax. After cleansing your feet, face and/or hands I apply an organic balm or oil and gently warm up the area I'm treating using massage techniques. For the main part of your treatment I work the reflex points on your feet, face and/or hands, using precise pressure techniques, identifying and working any areas which are out of balance. To complete your session I use gentle and soothing massage techniques to provide deep relaxation. 

Once your reflexology session has finished you can relax with a glass of water while I answer any questions you might have, and discuss how you might make the most of your treatment. Sometimes I'll give you practical 'homework', such as an exercise to correct posture, ways to incorporate more movement into daily life, or tips on tweaking your diet. Sometimes I'll suggest activities such as yoga or pilates. Other times I might simply encourage you to make more time for yourself. I aim to develop a warm, open and trusting professional relationship with you and have found that, through regular treatments, my clients have become more intune with what works best for their bodies and minds.

Find out more about my approach in the FAQs.

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