My organic philosophy

From day one, my organic philosophy has been at the heart of how I run my business. The products I use in my treatments are all organic, natural and ethically sourced. I've also pledged to be an AoR 'Eco Friendly Therapist'.

I only use high quality skincare products which contain at least 90% certified organic ingredients – and don't contain harsh chemicals like parabens, phthalates and sodium laureth sulfate (SLS). These products are safe, nourish dry and damaged skin, and are suitable for sensitive skin. I also only ever use organic foot wipes, facial cloths and towels. Trusted brands that I use include: Neal's Yard Remedies, Fushi, Green People, Naissance, ImseVimse, The Healthy House and Beaming Babies.

What we put on, or next to, our body’s biggest organ – the skin – absorbs directly into our bloodstream and whilst our bodies can probably deal with a reasonable amount of the chemicals we're exposed to every day, I believe that reducing this exposure can only be a good thing. Using skincare products containing natural ingredients avoid the risks associated with chemicals and tend to be much gentler on the skin. Using organic cotton products is also more ethical, more sustainable for the environment and better supports small farming communities.

Maintaining the Association of Reflexologists' 'Eco Friendly Therapist' status means that I adhere to seven key areas, including: only purchasing what I need; using paper only where necessary; ensuring that the products I use are produced in an environmentally sustainable way; not using harmful chemicals; minimising the carbon footprint of the products I use; minimising waste and recycling, and; minimising the impact of my travel on the environment. 



Organic Reflexology