Reflexology for kids, teens and students

Reflexology can be beneficial for your child whatever age they are, and any positive knock-on effects are good for parents too! As with adults, reflexology helps young people rest and recharge, which in turn calms the body and mind, helping both to function better.

Babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers
Our little ones often struggle with digestion/wind problems, sniffs and snuffles, teething pain and sleep. Reflexology may help to calm your young child and improve symptoms – a Danish study found that reflexology helped reduced the amount of crying colicky babies experienced. Babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers usually only need a few minutes of reflexology, so their treatment is incorporated into a session with mum or dad. I'll also share a few simple reflexology techniques with you so you can support your little one at home.

Primary school-age children 
Children of primary school age can experience growing pains, tummy aches and headaches. Emotional issues may also come to the fore as they learn the complexities of friendships and navigate family dynamics. Reflexology aims to help your child relax and unwind in a gentle, welcoming space – they can bring a favourite toy or magazine with them for extra reassurance. I'll also give your child a colourful, laminated hand reflexology chart to take away, so that they can practice some hand reflexology at home.

Reflexology can be hugely beneficial during the adolescent years. Treatments help teens unwind, switch off from their friends and the pull of technology, and recharge their batteries. I've found that even the most nervous teenagers relax and get a lot from their treatments. Introducing your teenager to the benefits of a complementary therapy like reflexology can help encourage them to take an active role in their own physical, mental and emotional well-being, a really positive approach to carry into adult life.

We all know that just because your baby is at university it doesn't mean that you stop worrying about them! Student life can be exciting and a time of positive change and personal growth. But the flip side is that studying, adjusting to a new way of life, and dealing with friendships and relationships can sometimes feel overwhelming. My aim is to provide treatments that offer a welcome respite from life's pressures, and a safe haven for students when they're away from home. 

* Please note that children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian.